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The Boomers band was born out of the love of the sounds that we late-era baby boomers grew up with in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Sure, we have written some of our own songs over the years, but we like to play the songs that the familiar bands made big hits with and bring them to you to reminisce. This is our way to pay tribute to the real authenticity to rock 'n roll. We focus on the music. Simple, pure and straightforward. We focus bringing you the fun of singing along, getting up and dancing, or just sitting in your chair bouncing around to the beat! We come at you with the edge of hard rock, but we can also rock you slowly with the kind of songs that let you sway. Whomever we choose to bring to you, it is in mind that all of us has had this music in common. We want to take you back to a simpler time and remember how it felt to be during those days and nights.

We don't take our music for granted. We want to give you the most relatable songs that you can become a part of. Many of the songs we perform have spanned generations and we see many young people today enjoying what we listened to back in our day. This is why we play the music we do. It may not be for everyone, but we hope, even for a moment, we can make you smile and say to yourself, "Ohhh I remember that song", and sing right along with us!

At times, we will add our own spin on things, layering two, three and sometimes four-part harmonies and being creative with our arrangements. We want to give it our flavor and our drive, all along, not losing the familiar. 

We're not pretty. We're not flashy. We are dads and grandfathers. We all have other full-time careers. We are real and just love to play the music that makes us and, hopefully, you too, happy! Enjoy!!

Boomer News…
Updated Wednesday, May 10, 2017
(we try to update Boomer News once a week, but you know how it is... "Yeah, riiiight!"

It's spring already! How are you celebrating? Sun? Rain? In Oregon, take your pick! You can at least depend on The Boomers to rock n' roll your soul!

Coming up this Saturday, we're out to The Half Penny to continue to celebrate the spring and Mark's 60th birthday! We will start rocking at 9:00 PM. We play your favorite songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s that you know all (most?) the words to!

As usual, our gig calendar is below. We try to keep it accurate! We really hope to see you out and about soon!

See you down the road...

Questions? You know where you can reach us - our email address: theboomers@boomerslive.net. For bookings, please fill out the form on the Boomers Booking tab at the top. :-)

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Boomer Shows 2017
Date  Time   Event
  9pm   The Half Penny

  The Half Penny

 3/18   9pm   The Half Penny 
 4/14   8pm***
  The Half Penny (American Cancer Society Fundraiser Event)
 5/13   9pm   The Half Penny
 6/16   6pm   Dayton Friday Nights
  9pm   The Half Penny
 The Half Penny
  Private Party - Bend, Oregon
 The Half Penny 
 10/27   9pm
 The Half Penny - Halloween Party 
 The Half Penny - New Year Eve Party