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The Boomers was formed from the foundations of many different musical experiences. Based on the idea that people in the twilight part of the Baby Boomer generation still loved listening, singing and dancing to the songs they grew up with while picking strawberries, driving around with their friends, dances in high school, or even reminiscing as they raised their children and saw their lives change before them.

We have chosen a select list of songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and even beyond, to take the audience back to a feeling of a simpler time of carefree living.  We put our own spin on some of the best classic rock tunes of the time.

So give us a listen, sing along, and unquestionably, get up and dance!


Finn Stovin came to Keizer from the Regina, SK area in 1962. From the time he was in his early teens, Finn loved to play guitars, even the one he made from plywood while at Whiteaker Junior High! Soon after, he was thinking bigger. Thankfully, things haven't changed!

Finn began playing guitar at 13 years old after realizing that girls were not attracted to accordion players (though he has threatened to get the accordion out again). Not until a hurriedly formed band successfully played at a high school talent show (organized by Mark’s Mom, by the way) had he experienced the excitement of performing. Discovering he could sing (quite by accident) only added to his newly found passion. Success for Finn first came with a very popular local band called Flight, formed in 1975. Three plus years with Flight were followed by a lengthy break to raise a family and run a business. Never losing the passion to perform he practiced hard and played sporadically for many years then began playing again in the early 1990’s.

Finn's guitar collection comes and goes, but Finn has never lost the enthusiasm of playing and singing (can't you tell by the smile on his face?). He is the driving force behind what the band represents: good 'ol classic rock. Today, he is the foundation of the mix of personalities and talent ….that is THE BOOMERS.


Frank McAuley comes via the way of Santa Clara, CA, long before it was known as "Silicon Valley." Frank grew up loving music of the 60s and still has that passion. He also spent 20 years in the Air Force with assignments in England, Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia and here in the states.

A multi-talented musician, Frank is now concentrating on keyboards.
Frank got interested in playing guitar in high school in California, during the folk music days! Over the years he played with friends in informal settings as well as in church choirs. Frank is a self-proclaimed “folkie” who played acoustic guitar, where upon coming to Oregon, he was invited to play in a local Blues group The Roadcats and discovered the world of amplified music. After several years playing locally, Frank and Finn became half of the Classic Rock band Justus before moving into The Boomers.

Frank has been playing guitar for over 35 years, and along the way added keyboards to his repertoire of instruments. He enjoys the challenge of playing the keyboards, and what he adds is a whole lot of fun when you hear that very familiar intro to a beloved song! "It's a nice feature to have the keys to fill out the sound of the band," Frank says. Frank’s passion is for harmony vocals, and The Boomers have provided the perfect vehicle for that expression.

Mark Jones has an eclectic musical background! He grew up in music. His mother was an accomplished organist and high school choral director for over 20 years. Because of his great interest in singing, Mark was in junior high, high school and college choirs and ensembles. While growing up, he also had an appreciation of rock, pop and classical music. His early rock music influences include The Beatles, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Kansas, Yes, Little River Band, The Eagles and many many more.  He particularly leaned towards music with rich vocal harmonies and the progressive rock movement. Mark taught himself how to play the bass while in high school, this after playing piano, cello and the guitar earlier in life. During this time, Mark was a member of an un-named school pop/rock band that backed up the swing choir.

Majoring in Music Education and playing baseball his first two years in college, Mark focused on voice as his main instrument. But Mark really wanted to delve more into rock with influences from bands like Journey, Styx, 38 Special, The Doobie Brothers and Steve Miller. But instead of rock, during the latter part of college Mark became a founding member of the Strawberry Mountain String Band, a bluegrass band that won the all-university talent show at Oregon State in 1980. After college, while working in radio, Mark found himself drifting away from playing live music. He dabbled at home, playing along with tapes and records until he finally sold his '74 Gibson SG bass guitar in 1984 to help pay for graduate school. After a 10-year absence from playing, Mark found himself playing the bass and guitar again, this time in his church worship band for 17 years.

Fast forwarding, the journey now turns towards The Boomers. Through an invitation to come and jam with the band for an hour or so on a Saturday morning in early July of 2009, Mark found himself jamming for three and a half hours! He didn't realize it was actually and audition. The next day, Mark got a call and was asked to become a member of The Boomers!

Oh yeah, the hair. Mark's mother survived cancer in 2008 and he has been dedicated to growing his hair for five years. He raised nearly $300 cutting it March 1, 2013 to donate to Locks of Love in her honor! He claims it'll grow back!

Dan von Trapp hails from Syracuse, NY. Dan came to Salem in 1974 and has made it home ever since.

Dan knew at a very early age that he wanted to play the drums. He would sit for hours in front of the family console stereo and beat his drum (a coffee can with a plastic lid and a handful of pebbles at the bottom that would vibrate when struck) to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass records and eventually the Beatles on the radio. Apparently his mother recognized a natural talent and soon thereafter enrolled him in a percussion class at his grade school. Since then, he's never stopped drumming. He continued his training into high school playing in the concert, stage and marching bands as well as drumming for the various choral and swing groups. It was at this point in his life when bands such as Santana, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and The Who caught his interest and took his drumming in a new direction.

After attending his first rock concert to see Grand Funk Railroad in 1972, he decided it was time to start his own band, so he and some high school buddies got together and Stained Glass was born. The trend continued for the next 35 years playing in dozens of bands. At one point, he worked during the day and played music at night 5 days a week! He also taught drums privately for many years and enjoyed doing clinics at some of the local grade and middle schools. 

Drumming is Dan's passion and it's evident when you see him smiling when he plays. His biggest accomplishment however, is instilling that same passion in his son Erich, 25, who is a very talented drummer.


Born in Anchorage, AK to a military family, Keith spent his first 15 years moving from place to place, wherever his father was stationed. When he was about 10 years old, his older brother got a cheap acoustic guitar for Christmas. He immediately began playing and learning with his friends. Keith also was getting interested in learning how to play, and to do so, he had to sneak the guitar away from his brother or risk getting beat up if he was caught! At that point, Keith spent many hours teaching himself how to play and that drive has never left him. This all was taking place in the mid-60s and life's music was all about The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, etc. Also, the Mowtown sounds of the era also had a big influence on Keith.

Like most kids, he loved to sing along with all the songs on the radio and albums he and his friends owned. He was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that singing came naturally and keeping with the songs of the day was not difficult. Even harmonies were easy to figure out and add into the radio and album selections. Singing became addictive and he sang all the time. He was hooked. All the time learning the chord structures on the guitar, began playing with the songs while singing!

Around age 15, the "day that changed him" was when he heard Led Zepplin's Whole Lotta Love for the first time. Today, it is still Keith's all-time favorite song! At that point, he bought his first "hot" electric guitar and kept at the playing and singing.

After high school, Keith joined the Army. During his off time, he didn't have a whole lot to do so Keith made lots of time to practice! After the Army, found himself in southern California and started a band called Dirty Work. He played in several bands thereafter until he put together his band, Full Throttle. He and Full Throttle moved to Salem in 1992. They were together until 2012 playing all over the area. IT was then, two fo the members had to stop performing due to health issues.

The Boomers had invited Keith up on a few occasions to sit in for a song or two and in the fall of 2015 he officially became a Boomer!